In this new article on lighting for modern offices , we intend to bring you two things:

On the one hand, to remind you of various aspects directly related to the lighting regulations in these work spaces. And on the other, give you various relevant technical advice that will undoubtedly be useful to you.

The information we provide will help you to have the clearest ideas on this exciting topic of interior lighting.

At the end of this article, we refer you to another one that complements this theme, and in which we have prepared an interesting selection of luminaires for offices, by firms such as Jielde, Artemide, Light Years and Dark.

Leading modern round chandelier brands that propose designs of industrial suspended lamps for offices, with which you will be able to provide a unique look and style.

Having made this introduction, let's start with all the normative part.

Regulations and technical aspects of office lighting


When you propose to illuminate the interior of an office , it is important that you take into account the regulations that concern issues related to occupational hazards and the health of workers, fundamental aspects if what you are looking for is to execute the interior design project of this type of office. spaces optimally.Along with the visual aesthetics and stylistic consistency in the environment, there are certain points that you should know:

A correct and studied lighting will directly influence comfort , creativity, and ultimately, also the well-being and visual health of workers.

Lighting levels for offices

It is important that you look for the most appropriate lighting levels for the development of each activity. For example, in design rooms, where color reproduction is of great importance, lighting will be much more demanding.

Always look for the perfect balance between warm light and cold light. Doing so will optimize visual comfort and create the right environments. In office lighting, the most convenient is to be around 3,000-4,000 kelvin degrees, the unit that measures the color range of light.If the height of the office allows it, always use suspended or ceiling-mounted lamps whenever you can , since this type of office lamps provide a much more uniform light distribution.

Complement the interior lighting project with other elements, such as floor lamps , which add dynamism to the office lighting, as well as a casual and original touch to the environment.

In certain work areas it will be necessary for you to incorporate table lighting , which allows you to focus on the detail with more precision. You can read more about this topic in the article that we dedicate to current lamps to better illuminate office tables .Selection of lamps for offices

Once the technical aspects and regulations regarding lighting in offices have been controlled, it is time to choose the luminaires or equipment that fulfill their function , and at the same time provide a touch of design and originality to the space, and energy efficiency to everything. set.

As we have told you at the beginning, now we show you a selection of industrial lamps for offices designed by some of the most leading international firms.

Lighting manufacturers such as Jielde, Artemide, Light Years and Dark, which offer very interesting technical and visual alternatives. Its lighting designs, always at the forefront, break with traditional fluorescents, and will allow you to shine in your office interior design project, achieving an ideal and alternative environment.

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